Institute of wood chemistry of Latvia

Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvia (IWC), the main centre of wood science in Latvia, founded in 1946, is an independent state non-profit scientific institute with over 100 employees under supervisory of the Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia. The mission of the IWC is the development of scientifically grounded, environmentally friendly, wasteless technologies for obtaining of competitive materials and products from wood and wood biomass.

The IWC has more than 45 years of experience in polymer sccience, their inventions were used in the soviet space progaram, and nowadays the IWC is actively working with European space agency (ESA)  in projects for European civilian expendable lounch wehicles Ariane developing cryogenic insulation and many more European scientific projects (Forbioplast, etc). 

Our bio polyols were developed in the institute accumulating the knowledge of more than 45 years and its significant scientific potential. Polylabs has been founded in partnership with the IWC, thus allowing to use the scientific potential in supporting our customers as well as developing new products.